Frequently Asked Questions

For nearly a decade, AAPC’s CEU approval fees have remained the same. After careful evaluation it has been determined that in order to meet current and future growth with the organization, a fee adjustment is necessary.

Based on market research, we believe that even with the adjustment, CEU vendors will still be able to continue to provide continuing education opportunities at reasonable costs.

AAPC remains committed to approving quality continuing education events. We appreciate the education you provide and we value our vendor relationships. Please allow us to address any additional concerns that may arise.

Will I be charged for in-services now?

AAPC recognizes that In-service education is a unique opportunity for often some of our members to update their skills and incur no fee. Therefore, AAPC is strongly committed to provide this educational vehicle and is pleased to continue the approval of these applications with no fee.

Why am I no longer charged the Annual Vendor Fee?

After careful review AAPC found this new straightforward CEU fee schedule would provide coverage for those costs. AAPC is pleased to eliminate the outdated $210 fee!

Why has AAPC changed the Fee Schedule?

Our 'Fee Schedule' was put in place more than 7 years ago. We are proud of our past success in holding to the fee schedule originally put in place. Currently, our growth now demands us to review the existing fee schedule and institute an adjustment that reflects the dramatic increase in applications and the amount of review that goes in to each one. We are confident this adjustment will not only enable us to continue to serve our vendors in an efficient manner but allow us to ensure high standards for approved programs.

AAPC CEUs are recognized as the standard in the coding industry, and as such, other credentialing associations (such as AMBA and AHIMA) accept our education with no further review. Our vendors enjoy a significant savings because it is not necessary to submit (or provide payment) to those associations for an additional CEU award.

What happened to the price tiers?

AAPCs striking growth has necessitated the need for a modernized, concise ‘Fee Schedule’. The ‘step’ format has been replaced with the simpler ‘cost per CEU’ schedule to better reflect the professional effort required to ensure that only quality training offerings are approved.

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