That depends on the type of education you intend to provide, overall you will need the following:

  • How will you pay for the application? Via check or credit card
  • Contact information for the person organizing or coordinating the CEU product
  • The title that will be used in marketing of this CEU product
  • The number of CEUs you want to request for the CEU product
    • If you are requesting 2.0 CEUs or more you will need a detailed time lined agenda
      • An acceptable time lined agenda includes details about what content will be covered and what information the attendee will learn if they attend that session. An agenda with a time span and titles does not provide sufficient information for review.
  • Decide now if you wish to offer this product as an On Demand product or offer it via CD/DVD.
    • If yes then you will need a posttest ready at the time of your application, the posttest must follow AAPC CEU posttest guidelines.
  • Know the approximate date of your first event or the approximate launch date for the CEU product.
  • A list of your presenters and the presenters’ credentials (CPC-A’s do not qualify)
    • If you are applying for a multi-session event and have multiple presenters that are listed on your time-lined agenda or brochure, simply enter multiple in the presenter name on the application and various in the credentials field to avoid manually entering presenters.
  • A detailed program goal, this can be a condensed version of the marketing description for this product. Please note that this information will be visible to the public for all applications except on in-service and post secondary school applications. Check your spelling and do not include marketing jargon such as; this is the best product ever.
  • You will need to know the level of expertise or difficulty of the course or event. This information assists in the review of the CEU application for specialty credential CEUs.

The number of CEUs is dependent on the mode that the education will be conveyed. Please see the information:

  • For Live events; 1 hour of education = 1.0 CEU
  • Post Secondary School Course, 16.0 CEUs are the max instructors can claim in 2-year renewal period
  • Educational Book
    • 50 pages of quality curriculum plus a post-test of 10 questions equals 1.0 CEU
    • 100 pages of quality curriculum plus a post-test of 20 questions equals 2.0 CEUs
    • 150 pages of quality curriculum plus a post-test of 30 questions equals 3.0 CEUs
    • 200 + pages of quality curriculum plus a post-test of 40 questions equal 4.0 CEUs
  • Newsletters/Magazines
    • 8–24 pages of education with a 5 question post-test may receive 0.5 CEUs.
    • 25 pages or greater of education with a 10 question post-test may receive 1.0 CEU.
  • Self Study courses/Distance Learning
    • CEUs awarded based on combination of word count and audio time. Audio education must enhance education not reiterate book/print content. Audio 1 hour=1.0 CEU, word count 7000 words=1.0 CEU.

Specialty CEU approvals can be awarded free of charge. In order to qualify the education must be of sufficient difficulty, intermediate to advanced/expert, as indicated on the application. However, the final determination will be made by the AAPC CEU Vendor Department. To assist us in determining the appropriateness of the difficulty provide as much detail to support the specialty(ies) requested.

The review process normally takes 2 weeks, if your application is considered incomplete the CEU vendor department will contact you via email or phone call to inform you that information is missing. If you requested Fast Track on your application, the review process is 2-5 business days, once all information required to review the application has been received.

Each approval is active for one calendar year. For example: if you are approved 12/10/2012, your expiration date will be 12/31/2013.

Once your title has been approved, you can present the product and award to as many attendees that purchase your product until the expiration date.

Your credit card will be charged once the application has completed the review process and has been either approved or denied. If approved the entire amount owed will be charged, this will include the application fee, and may include annual vendor fee (if not paid for the year) or fast track fee if requested. All but $50 is refundable from any applications that are not approved

AAPC accepts the following credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

No, if you are submitting multiple products or events for prior approval each title must be submitted on individual applications. Unless you are requesting approval for a conference, you would use the conference name as your title and you will attach the agenda to indicate multiple sessions with different titles.

If you are entering multiple applications and you have not paid the annual CEU vendor registration fee, each application will continue to show this as due. If you have paid this fee with an earlier application, please inform the AAPC CEU vendor department to have your information updated.

Yes, AAPC will award CEUs for employee-to-employee or employer-to-employee trainings. An in-service application is a FREE application. You must provide a detailed program goal for each session requested, which can provide enough information that the credibility of the event can be recognized. However, if it is two hours or longer, please include a time-line with detailed agenda statements or a list of training objectives for each time segment. Handouts and/or PowerPoint presentations may be requested if needed.

Presenters that teach the same course to different audiences will receive CEUs for their first presentation only. They will use the same certificate and index number to receive the same CEUs for presenting as the attendees do for attending. AAPC will accept up to 16 CEUs for first time presentations per core credential, per two-year renewal period, for presentations specific to the credential. An index number can be submitted only one time. AAPC does not award CEUs for time spent in preparation.

An instructor at a post secondary school may receive up to 16 CEUs per core credential during a two-year renewal period, for teaching a face-to-face course specific to the credential. This does require prior approval and the application must be submitted under the name of the college not under your member account. The syllabus of the course and titles of all curriculum used is required at the time of application submission; locations to attach this information are available in the application. The instructor must submit the start and finish date of the course.

Status of all applications will appear on the overview screen of your CEU Vendor page. The status includes titles and an indicator icon that designates the titles as Pending, Approved, Denied, Withdrawn, Incomplete, and Expiring Soon.

You will receive an email with the final determination of your application. If denied, withdrawn, or incomplete the email will state the reason for the determination or the request for additional information to continue the review process. If approved, you will be notified that your approval documents are available on your CEU Vendor page. Approved titles will have the start (date of active approval) and finish (expiration) dates along with icons allowing you to view your PDF copies of the Approval Documents: Approval Letter, Certificate, and Invoice.

AAPC does not approve CEUs for auditors for the audits they perform nor for exit education provided to physicians and their faculty. The education is delivered as part of the package focusing on the issues found during the audit, with focus on specific notes, rather than providing broader education.

AAPC does not approve CEUs for a coder’s day to-day coding/billing responsibilities including providing education when it is a main responsibility of a job position such as "New Physician Training."

Approved publications require a publisher’s test and CEU certificate for those successfully completing the publisher’s test. The publishers test, also known as a post-test quantifies the completion of reviewing the publication and must follow AAPC guidelines for tests.

Please refer to the medium of presentation and provide the following documents for each session or product when submitting your application.

Media of Presentation Required Materials for Review
Live Face to Face Presentation Agenda or Outline **
Recorded Live-CD/DVD On Demand Product Agenda or Outline **
Web Based Training – Live or Self Study Agenda or Outline or Access to web based training via a ID and Password**
Teleconference Handouts
Publication Entire Publication

**Full handouts and/or Power Point presentations maybe requested at any time during the review process to verify level of content to be presented**

PowerPoint presentations are not required unless the topic of the education is covering ICD-10 training. Otherwise, a detailed agenda is sufficient. However, be aware that your presentation can be requested at anytime during the review process.

For online self-study courses, AAPC will perform a word count of your PowerPoint. The PowerPoint must be submitted in a form that a word count can be electronically calculated.

If an audio accompanies your PowerPoint, please submit the total audio times for review. CEUs will be based on the timed presentation/audio accompanying the PowerPoint.

With a single application, AAPC has the ability to give a block of approved index numbers for regularly scheduled recurring in-service meetings. This was designed with the knowledge that a company does not always know the topic, the presenter, or sometimes even the date of the in-service 30 days in advance. However, a loose idea of topics to be covered for each session is necessary to prove educational content and to get additional information. Names and credentials of potential presenters are required, if not all presenters are known enter the ones you do know.

A code card lists all of the approved sessions on one document. The vendor portion of the code card includes the title, index number, specialty designations, and number of CEUs for each session. The attendee portion of the code card has the same information excluding the index number. Each AAPC member attendee should be given an attendee code card prior to the conference. The index number of a session should be released to the attendees at the close of each session. It is the responsibility of the attendee to write the index number on their code card and retain the document.

If you forget to renew your CEU product, you will need to contact AAPC immediately informing us of your oversight and submit the renewal application immediately. If you neglect to do either one of these things, you will be at risk of CEU Vendor revocation, which means that you will not be allowed to apply for CEUs with AAPC until a time that AAPC determines acceptable.

AAPC has an online search tool for members seeking specific CEUs. Members can search for events based on their geographic location, specialty, level of expertise, and media type. The information you enter in the application provides the data for the search tool.

No, reselling of a product with CEUs is prohibited, since CEUs are not transferrable between entities. You can sell your education to another company for reselling of the educational product; however, the reseller must submit an application to AAPC under their company name for CEU approval prior to marketing and selling the product.

No, applications submitted with a exam to be administred at the completion of the course will not be approved. However, if the exam is optional and the attendee can separately register for the curriculum only the application will be reviewed and may be approved. Please be aware that this separate registration must be appearent on your registration information on your website. It cannot be conveyed only but word of mouth.

No cap on inservice CEU applications but each application can be no more than 24 CEUs.

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